Those of you who are observant may pick up that we sort of skipped Greece. We decided on taking a longer trip in one of Greece and Italy and since our onward flight was from Rome we picked Italy.

We had already travelled to Italy about 5 years ago, so this time we went down south to Sorrento for 6 nights and we are now in Rome (sort of) for 2 nights before heading to London.

With so much time to spend we checked off the Amalfi coast essentials in quick time.

First day: Pompeii, Check!. Yes more Roman Ruins, but well I (Craig) remembered the story from school about Mount Vesuvius belching itself on the poor Pompeiins (?) and frying ’em all. The ruins were impressive but spread over a huge area. Well worth the visit, but enough about the Romans!

Second Day: Capri, Check! Busy, expensive, a transport strike (remember those unions…. memories… ahhh!), and well sick of it really quick. Very beautiful but full of rich “white and wrinklies”!

Third day: Positano, Check! Lovely and quiet compared to Capri. The bus trip around the edges of sheer cliff faces left us both a little chunderous yet exhilarated. But it was well worth the visit. Check out the photos when we find a PC we can upload from!

All the essentials checked off we took some time to do bugger all! And it was great. An anniversary passed – 11 years since our first date. We had a lovely dinner at the hotel in our room. Our waiter – Giovanni – served us that night and every morning for breakfast. We started to get friendly and he told us about his little village down the peninsula. We kept asking where it was and he said, “Ten Minnie”. Great! Not far to go, but where is it man!!!! Finally we worked out he was talking about a village called Termini!

So we walked down there one day through several other villages, through lemon orchards galore, and olive groves and sharing the walking tracks with many a lizard. They were everywhere. We caught some brilliant views of Capri. It’s really nice from a distance!

Not much else to say. We spent a day at the beach at Puolo which was a small “local” beach and found out that black volcanic sand gets bloody hot underfoot. And when you go local, you don’t get ripped off. Hired a couple of sun beds and got sun burnt and had a great swim….

In Rome now near airport and tomorrow will do a whirlwind tour of Rome (hey we’ve already “done” Rome and well those Romans….) probably catching a few highlights and a spag bol in some piazza somewhere.

Now off for some sleep if possible. The coffee here is fannnnn-bloody-tastic!

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