Terrorist Hysteria

The media hysteria surrounding this current “foiled plot” annoys me. The implication is that we are facing a particularly new threat in the guise of liquid explosives. Not true. Authorities have been aware of this particular type of threat since – at least – 1994 (12 years) (see here). Also not fully reported is that these types of explosives are unstable and hard to manage. See:
So while it is true that there are a committed bunch of nutters trying to cause “carnage”, most of us will never have to deal with the threat first hand, and if our intelligence and security organisations do their jobs, and our politicians start to address the root causes of terrorism politically (instead of milking the mass media generated fear), the future could be a much happier place.

I choose not be afraid. It’s much easier and more reasonable to live that way.

I was unfortunate enough to be listening to Fox FM the other day, yet it provided me unexpectedly with a pearl of wisdom from Ray Parker Junior: “I aint afraid of no ghost!”

(And as I finished writing this a couple of articles appeared on The Age site today which I think restore some balance:
“Terror aims high again” and “Who benefits from new hysteria about security?”)

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