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Elections and political sad cases

The night before an election. I feel the butterflies I used to reserve for footy. Sad bastard. All the election boffs (psephologists) are predicting an easy Labour win. I feel nervous. I don’t like Howard. He was worked against the things that are important to me.

Our Internet infrastructure neglected, our educational institutions under-funded, tertiary education becoming the domain of the wealthy, climate change denied, history revised, Africans/Asians allowed to be marginalised, Aboriginals driven to the fringes instead of attempting to integrate their culture with ours, his love of the monarchy, his attack on the wages of the lowest paid, whilst handing the best tax cuts to the wealthy.

But most of all I despise the way he and his mob have come to assume their mantle as a birth right. I still hear him laughing at his victory speech in 2004, the deranged laugh of a man who has won power, but lacks the decency to show any gravitas or humility.


Hunter J O’Neill


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First day in the world (my first niece!). Born 17/11/2007, weighing 8 pound 3, to Jay and Kim

Update: For those who don’t know, Jay is my brother-in-law. I’m his sister’s husband.


Peter Garrett

A few people have asked me, as a Midnight Oil fan, what I think of Peter Garrett now; now that he has supposedly dropped all his former principles.

He’s made a tough choice that will cost him friends and supporters.

But I believe he’s the same guy with the same beliefs. The ALP has a strategy to win this election and he has played from the script (apart from a couple of slip-ups). Continue reading ‘Peter Garrett’


Taking care of business

I’ve been forking out for web space for over a year and I’ve only been using it for blogging, a few photos and a few download files. So I’ve migrated it all to Flickr and This means that I don’t have anywhere to store audio and some other downloads for now that were on the old site.

Now I just have to start blogging more…

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