Elections and political sad cases

The night before an election. I feel the butterflies I used to reserve for footy. Sad bastard. All the election boffs (psephologists) are predicting an easy Labour win. I feel nervous. I don’t like Howard. He was worked against the things that are important to me.

Our Internet infrastructure neglected, our educational institutions under-funded, tertiary education becoming the domain of the wealthy, climate change denied, history revised, Africans/Asians allowed to be marginalised, Aboriginals driven to the fringes instead of attempting to integrate their culture with ours, his love of the monarchy, his attack on the wages of the lowest paid, whilst handing the best tax cuts to the wealthy.

But most of all I despise the way he and his mob have come to assume their mantle as a birth right. I still hear him laughing at his victory speech in 2004, the deranged laugh of a man who has won power, but lacks the decency to show any gravitas or humility.

2 Responses to “Elections and political sad cases”

  1. 1 moo
    November 24, 2007 at 5:36 am

    http://www.craiglawton.info/wordpress/ gives me a 404…ahaha i should have checked……i’ll update Loved.

    can’t wait for Johnny the liar and the man that has created a whole new generation of “Aussie Battlers” (the fucking hypocrite) through his policies of turning Australia into the USA ….to be voted out.

    No one can afford education anymore, no-one can afford hospitals and no-one has a safe job through the extreme industrial relations policies they put through (should have been a referendum on that) and he wants us on minimum wages that are lower than the low.

    i’m voting for Labor in the lo’ house and Greens in the High house. I’d vote Greens/Greens if i could be sure the preferences would be ok, but i’m not taking the risk in the lower house.

    Howard has to go


  2. 2 moo
    November 25, 2007 at 12:58 am

    i re-read your post. Totally agree.
    Wow Gravitas Mr L. Been playing Scrabble? !!…but seriously i’m glad they’re out.
    Where i live i’m in a safe Liberal seat- Aston. Bugger.
    So i voted Labor/Green. Just to make a point. Liberal won Aston, but they’re were a few ppl with me that did not vote Liberal. Sweet.
    Take care mate and i’ll see you during the week…Wednesday maybe? Let me know.

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