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Much can depend on just a few words. David Hicks pleaded guilty in front of “an ad-hoc military tribunal designed to try non-US citizens according to an unacceptably low standard of justice.”

He was released today from prison. Here’s how some news sites described him.

The ABC online: “Confessed terrorism supporter” but in photo caption “Convicted terrorism supporter”. A quick search Continue reading ‘Convicted’


Ever met a member of the AFA?

They keep getting quoted in the mainstream press, the Australian Family Association that is. So I thinks to myself, I know plenty of families but I’ve never met anyone from the AFA. Erm…

Five minutes on the web reveals that they were founded by the National Civic Council. Wikipedia states: “The Association was founded by B.A. Santamaria, a prominent Melbourne Catholic activist of Italian descent”. Nothing controversial about any of this.

A quick scan of their home page today reveals that they are primarily concerned with abortions, gay marriages, cloning, graphic films and porn. Continue reading ‘Ever met a member of the AFA?’

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