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Off to Sydney Harbour for a Wedding – Adam and Felicity’s special day

<wpg2>AdamFelicityWedding</wpg2> It seems my site, which I had only vague intentions for at the beginning, has become a blog for “other peoples weddings”. This weekend Anna and I flew up to Sydney for Adam and Felicitys’ Wedding. It was held on a catamaran on the Harbour. It was most surreal and hauntingly beautiful night as we drank and danced floating across the still waters and caught up with old friends and family. Truly memorable! I’ve put up a <a href=”″>gallery</a&gt; of my shots from the event. Enjoy!


Mother gets hitched

I’ve uploaded some photos from my <a href=”″>mother’s recent wedding</a>. Some of the thumbnails are broken. Well it’s free software, so who am I going to complain too? The full size images work when you click on the broken thumbnail though or even better try the <a href=”″>slideshow</a&gt;. Well hey that’s broken too…. I give up… work it out yourselves… good luck… way too hot for fixing!

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