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Connex Revenue Protection Officers

I travelled into the city by train the other day. I like public transport. I like to be amongst people. I like not being stuck in traffic. I like being able to read, listen to music or just watch other people.

The carriage I was on had a group of Asian teenagers – possibly students – taking up all 10 seats across the breadth of the carriage. I went to the next row of seats which was completely empty except for an African teenager dressed up in LA Lakers gear. Geez he was tall! I like my city and its people… most of them!

A couple of stops into the trip 5 or 6 Connex ticket inspectors entered at the front of the carriage. Two remained at the front – presumably to keep an eye for people doing a “runner” – and the others fanned out down the carriage. “Please have your tickets available for inspection”. Great!

They wear long coats and carry little note books. They flash impressive badges like hollywood policemen. I wish somebody could nab me one of those (a badge not a policeman).

The African guy next to me couldn’t find his ticket or at least he put on a good show of not finding it. Luckily for him the inspector saw the Asian teenagers passing around tickets and left to “inspect” them and didn’t return. She made a big show of hassling them and then letting them off with a warning.

I suppose people really should pay for tickets. But why does it always seem to be adult inspectors terrorising, and possibly fining, minors for the cost of a $5 ticket.

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