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Taking care of business

I’ve been forking out for web space for over a year and I’ve only been using it for blogging, a few photos and a few download files. So I’ve migrated it all to Flickr and This means that I don’t have anywhere to store audio and some other downloads for now that were on the old site.

Now I just have to start blogging more…


Some old Dead Reckoning Songs

Well it was time to spend a little time straightening up the site and to avoid preparing (that is helping my wife Anna clean) for our Family Xmas Eve shindig.

So I prepared the Audio section of the site. I’ve uploaded the EP the band did in 2000 and also some demos from even earlier.

Hearing it now I feel a mixture of pride and embarrassment. Enjoy them whilst they are on the site.

Happy Xmas everyone.


The start of my site

My first post should indicate what I hope to achieve by doing this site.

To put it simply:

  • I want to pursue the technical side of web sites and design, both for myself and as a venture with David – a student friend of mine.
  • I want to have somewhere to put up music I have created to be shared with others.
  • I want to share my more complex musings, thoughts and convictions for display and criticism.
  • I want to display photos of special events up here for others who may have missed out or who are insterstate or overseas.
  • Other personal info which may be useful, links, CV etc.

That’s enough for now… really just another site amongst millions.

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